What is RJ Jacob Media & Web Design? Simply put: website developer and graphic designer.

We design and develop findable websites that can be navigated easily by users with varying internet experience levels. We create aesthetic graphics and typography for the web and print media of all types. Get in Touch!

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Website Design

A visitor to a web site should be able to find their way around and get the information they were looking for in a matter of seconds. 

View of a table in the Kansas State On Line Reporting System

Web Applications

Web-based application development - using a web application to establish and maintain records of customers, clients, products, etc. - is just one advantage of an online presence. Accessibility to records by many people in many locations is another.

Inside of a brochure for a Comedy Club in Branson, MO

Print Graphics

The success of a business greatly depends upon the success of its marketing communication. It is important for an organization to communicate to its potential customers about its products. Graphic design is a key piece of this puzzle.

Web Design & Development that works for your users completed in a timely manner within your budget.

We create websites that are easy to figure out; web applications that don't require a bunch of explaining and simple, appropriate graphics that add to the experience.

Web Design/Development Samples

Click any thumbnail to start the slideshow. Most site links are provided in the descriptions.

  • Missouri Master Gardener Conference Website
    Visit this website

    The design and implementation of the 2008 conference site for the Missouri Master Gardeners led me to be contracted to produce the conference site for 2009. Hosted in Jefferson City, the conference includes a number of guided tours and lectures. The site is detailed in its representations of these events, utilizing a number of dynamic and interactive features to display photos, bios, etc.

    The site also includes a dynamic registration form with a link to PayPal for credit card payment and an administrative "backend" for the registration committee to access Registrant information and download it into MS Excel as CSV spreadsheet files,

  • Oregon Master Beekeepers Website
    Visit this website

    The website for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program was built to standards set down by Oregon State University which hosts the site. The site was built using the Drupal Content Management System which is in use site-wide at oregonstate.edu.

  • DASHH Photography
    Visit this website

    Photographers David Hughes and Shelby Hollyman of the Branson, MO area needed a website to both promote their new business and show-off their work. This site was built using the Joomla CMS.

  • Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces
    Visit this website

    This was a complete redesign of their existing website and included a number of new features and creative ways to display their products.

  • EarthOutdoor.com
    Visit this website

    Built in three sections, this website was a concept developed to promote an outdoor-living lifestyle and features products manufactured and marketed by Earth Outdoor products as well as search features to find outdoor things to do and places to go as well as a rural real estate finder for all 50 states.

  • Branson West Therapeutic Massage
    Visit this website

    A "business brochure" site with simply stated information about the services, personnel and location of the company.

  • Recently launched is a brand new site for the Springfield, MO organization, Friends of the Garden, Inc.
    Visit this website

    The website informs visitors of features, programs, activities and other pertinent details of The Botanical Center and Gardens at Springfield Parks' Nathanael Greene and Close Memorial Parks. The site also features a WordPress blog installation, photo and video gallery for several contributors and photographers.

  • Greene Magazine Website
    Visit this website

    Based on a WordPress template, this site was launched in March of 2011. It features articles from the print version of the magazine as well as an Editor's blog, advertising and subscription information. It will continue to be developed with new features as time goes on.

  • Branson Comedian, Harley Worthit Website
    Visit this website

    The Harley Worthit website is a means for the Branson Comedian to connect with his audience and give them something to use to stay connected with him on a personal level (by means of a contact form and mailing list) and also a place to go for content, such as videos, audio snippets and merchandise. There are also links to promotional material and photos, all available for download to further promote his act.

    The site was designed and developed over a three month period in early 2007. All graphics, video editing, text (with the exception of his biography) and layout was created at RJ Jacob Design.

  • Branson Entertainers, the Hughes Brothers Website
    Visit this website

    Currently under development is a brand new site for the Branson, MO "World's Largest Performing Family", Hughes Brothers Show.

    With the primary graphic design being performed by Adam Hughes, the site structure is being built as a showcase for the Theater, Show and Family and will include extensive biographic material, photo galleries, video galleries, a shopping cart for sale of CDs, DVDs and other gift shop items, audio samples of their music, and connections to Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking portals. The site was launched in April of 2011 and while it is still under development, it is considered about 90 per cent complete.

  • Kansas State Master Gardener On Line Reporting System
    Contact Us to visit a fully-working demo site of a Master Gardener On Line Reporting System

    The state director of the Master Gardener Program for Kansas provided me with a "grocery list" of features and items he wanted for his on-line reports database application.

    The features include the ability for a county-level program coordinator to create a unique county profile for their EMG members consisting of annual hour requirements and custom sets of volunteer and training opportunity categories. Features also include the ability to keep track of prospects for the program and print mailing labels both for entire member lists and specifically for those without email addresses. And of course, th ability to run a variety of reports and export to the Excel Spreadsheet file format (.csv) is standard..

    Also included are Tutorial Videos showing how to use the site to Master Gardeners (such as how to enroll, submit Volunteer Hours Reports and Export cumulative reports to .csv files) and to County Level Coordinators (creating a county profile, run reports and print mailing labels.)

  • Kansas State Master Gardener On Line Reporting Site
    Contact Us to visit a fully-working demo site of a Master Gardener On Line Reporting System

    Here a county-level coordinator of the Master Gardener program in Kansas can view and verify hours records of the volunteers in their areas.

  • Master Gardeners of the Ozarks Website
    Visit this website

    The website was built with a Public View primarily for information dissemination (program specifics, projects, PR releases and so forth) and a Members Only View to provide access to documents pertaining to member committees, by-laws, volunteer opportunities, etc. The site also provides for member contribution of articles, photos, news and blog posts.

  • Harley Worthit Admin Page

    We set up Harley Worthit with a custom-built "back-end" to manage his email list subscribers, add to and modify his "jokes of the week" and otherwise control the dynamic content of his site. A custom-made CMS (Content Management System.)

  • Relatives Script Lettering

    The client needed a way to put a complex order form with over 150 items on the website without the need to "add to cart" each one, refresh the shopping cart and add the next, etc. We developed an order form with all items and the ability to add as many as necessary of each item, as many items as necessary and then click one button which added them all to the cart and sent the buyer to PayPal to check out.


Web Design/Development Services

  • Simple to very Complex Sites
  • Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)
    (Saves time & money)
    • Joomla!
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
  • Custom Developed CMS
  • Shopping Carts
    • OpenCart
    • VirtueMart
    • Simple PayPal Integration
  • SEO, SEM & Analytics Applied
  • Web Standards & Accessiblity Compliant
  • Free Quotes & Estimates

Recently Completed Projects
(April 2014)

Economical Graphic Design according to your needs and budget completed and delivered on time.

We strive to accomplish this on every project we undertake - from business cards to billboards.

The RJ Jacob Design Logo features typographic symbols.The test of a well designed print media piece is, "Does it communicate? Is it understandable? Is the intention of the creator easily received?" Often the design gets in the way of the message and the intended audience misses the point entirely. So much attention gets paid to special effects and fancy tricks that the design becomes the message. This is especially true in web design but is also found in print.

Color, layout and text all should combine into a unit that clearly conveys a meaning. "Keep it simple and effective" is our mantra.

Print Samples

  • All About Windows Brochure
    The client chose the color scheme, text, logo and photos. The rest was up to me.
  • Branson Entertainer Delene Concert Poster
    A poster created for a performance in Appleton, WI. The collage idea was suggested to me by her marketing manager at the time.
  • Missouri Master Gardener 2009 Conference Logo
    The only stipulation for the design was to have the state-shaped symbol inside the "o" of "growing." The "Missouri" font and water reference behind it are a tribute to the old state license plate.
  • Delene Entertainment Tri-fold Brochure, outside
    The question was, "How best to promote Branson area entertainers for off-season engagements?" We came up with the idea of "Where do they all go..." and went from there. The colorful block design was inspired by a web page for a California art museum. Another requirment was that the brochure must be ready for mailing with first class postage.
  • Lewin Productions Show Ad
    The artwork was pretty much in place. I made several modifications for the client.
  • Business Card for Massage Therapist
    I used a "hands on" theme with photo and background to match Stacy's coloring.
  • Signature Records Nashville Logo
    This logo was intended to be an upgrade from an earlier one which was really just an italic font. There was a desire to include "SRN" as the company was expanding beyond the basic functions of a record distribution company into other areas of the entertainmcontentent business. The idea was to eventually drop the "Signature Records Nashville" entirely for the "SRN" graphic.
  • The Club Tri-fold Brochure, inside
    The challenge continued on the inside spread of this brochure. How to promote comedians without knowing who they are or being able to use any pictures? (No contracts had been signed!) We went with stock photos to represent the idea of comedians and relied heavily on the other features of the venue.

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